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The journeys we have to share with you are from both across the country and across the world.  The subject matter is just as vast as the places from which they were captured.  Unlike many photographers who specialize or focus their work on a specific subject matter, our photographer enjoys capturing all aspects of life and the world around us.  A person’s experience of an adventure or journey they take in life, is not just the scenery, not just the people met, or just the activities pursued.  The collection of interactions, activities, and the experiences taken in from all the senses as a whole, makes walking the path you happened to choose so rewardable.

You will find a featured image here on our home page monthly.  The story behind the image can be found in our blog. Other stories about art and art collecting as well as specific bodies of work can also be found in our blog pages.

Take some time to read the stories behind the images, so you can get a more fulfilling experience as you view the photographs.  We hope the stories spark dreams or memories in your life, thus allowing the image to touch your heart as it has touched the heart of the photographer. We invite you to venture into the categories of images you would normally not view.  Let the images and the stories you would normally overlook, spark a desire to plan a new adventure into a world you have not yet met.

We enjoy giving back to the community and the world.  Several times throughout the year, proceeds from specific images will go to selected programs for which Poetry In Pictures has benefited or sponsors. Our Giving Back Program donates selected signed pieces of art to programs important to those who collect our photographer's work. We would love to be a part of your philanthropy's future silent auctions or fundraising efforts.

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In browsing through the images, you'll find sub categories further identifying the image groups. Each image has a background story included with it.  We hope you enjoy the stories behind the images. The experiences are dear to the photographers heart.