Our Story

Poetry In Pictures is a family owned and ran company specializing in fine artwork in photography format.  The images you’ll be seeing are gathered from all over the US and areas around the world.  The body of work continues to grow in diversity as adventures and humanitarian work present themselves.  While there is one primary photographer, from time to time we have a featured photographer sharing their work with us.  We hope you continue to visit our site as the years pass by, so we can share life’s poetic moments in images.

The photographer, Tracy Brown, has a wide range of photographic subject matter to experience. Life has many paths which she has explored, and now would like to share with you through her work. She looks forward to you joining her in the journey of life's many gifts, captured here. She started her passion in photography while doing medical and humanitarian missionary work many years ago. She plans to continue her medical and humanitarian work by financing projects through her photography endeavors. She is most thankful for your visit to the website and would love to share the stories of the people and places which have blessed her life.

The company was founded by the photographer and a dear family member Iris Brown. Iris has a background as a CPA. Her life has been devoted to family, but with being plagued with physical problems and multiple surgical interventions, she was left sidelined from full time practice in her profession, forced to retire. Helping in founding Poetry In Pictures has allowed her to be productive in life despite her disabilities.

The founders as well as the extended staff are devoted to sharing life’s many blessings with those along the journey. The group strive for excellence daily within their individual disciplines.

Reproduced images of those you’ll have the opportunity to experience, are all signed by the photographer, with a section that are limited in reproduction, also signed as well as numbered. If you bless us with the honor of our images becoming a part of your home and life, you can be assured long lasting museum quality products have been used.

Thank you for joining us in our journey of life's Poetry In Picture form.