Black & White

When many people think of the black and white photograph, images of an old shoe box will come to mind. Found at the top of a grandparent’s closet, covered in dust, the box holds within it the images of lives long past. The photographs include faces of our family tree that bare a resemblance to ourselves, former homes that hold the stories of the past, and images of things important to the person who had been behind the lens.

The black and white photograph also conjures up the images of those famous photographers who paved the way for today’s generation of image capturers. Some of these famous images taken by the famous professionals remain for all of us to see and marvel over.

Whatever comes to your mind when thinking of the black and white photograph, allow our black and white images transport you to those places and things that come to your mind. As always, the subject matter is a variety of things, chosen to bring back memories and that are best viewed in the 2 colors with the greys found between them.

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