Majestic Views

The group of photographs you’ll seen in this collection represent the heart of what is imagined when you think of photography. What you see will transform you and transport you to a place of tranquility in a world far from your everyday life. The adventures that took place in reaching these places were quite the journey in and of themselves. Once the destination was reached, the photographer was transported to another dimension. The journeys were not often easy given the photographer started capturing images in her late 30’s. Several of the images were taken after the age of 50. Just remember, you can go anywhere you want, no matter how young or old you may be – just put one foot in front of the other. “I am the tortious, but I don’t care. It makes reaching the cherry on top even more worth it in the end,” says the photographer.
Choose to take one of these adventures yourself. The journey begins with the planning and the ending will change your life.